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Theme information

  • Description: A 3-column, widget-ready theme.

Author’s note

Digg 3 Columns is an extended version of my Digg-like WordPress theme (two columns). Instead of releasing a theme with a unique design for today, I’m releasing only an extended version of one of my previous themes, to take a much needed break from designing.

I don’t want to sacrifice quality just to say that I’ve put out another unique design. After all, I started WPTheme4Free because I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of free wordpress themes out there. So, see you tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll get a good night sleep and feel replenished by tomorrow morning.

***Digg is a trademark of digg.com.  WPTheme4Free is not affiliated with digg.com.

– Unzip the downloaded file. You’ll get a folder named “digg”
– Upload the entire “digg” folder to your ‘wp-content/themes/” folder
– Login into WordPress administration
– Click on the ‘Presentation” tab
– Click on the “digg” theme thumbnail/screenshot or title

That’s it. Go back to the front page of your blog and hit refresh to see your newly installed theme.


Adding items to the top Menu:
– The top menu features two links: Home and About
– To add more links, use a text editor (i.e: Notepad) to open the header.php file and copy and paste:
<li><a href=”<?php echo get_permalink(2); ?>” title=”<?php _e(‘About’); ?>”><?php _e(‘About’); ?></a></li>
– Remember to edit your link title and the destination of your link within href=” “.

Download this Header to customize: Download

Different Header Background:
– By default, the header uses the bg_header.gif image for the background.
– Check the “images/” sub-folder to see if your like the alternate header background (bg_header_alt.gif).
– Use a text editor (i.e: Notepad) to open up the style.css file, look for #header and change the background image from ‘bg_header.gif’ to ‘bg_header_alt.gif’

Unlocking Author Description and Calendar:
– Use a text editor (i.e: Notepad) to open the sidebar.php file and un-comment the author description and calendar areas.
– Remember to also remove the phrase “This…is…hidden.”
– If you don’t know how to uncomment in HTML, DON’T!!!


– Use alignleft or alignright to make your images float left or right. For example: <img src=”yourimage.gif” class=”alignleft”>


By default, this theme has a search form in the header region. If you enable the widget plugin, don’t add the search box to your widget list. If you rather have the search form in the sidebar then add the search box to the widget list, but remember to remove the search form in the header region.

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