Taxes and casinos

When it comes to money, Father State likes to get involved, because he also wants to get some of the cash. But what exactly are the tax rules for gambling?

You don’t have to pay taxes on gambling winnings in German-speaking countries. As a professional poker player, things look different, but in casino games and slot machines, the winnings are tax-free without exception. Whether it’s a casino or an online casino, it doesn’t matter.

However, under the new gambling regulation, online casinos have to pay 5.3% taxes on all wagers made by players. The casinos pass these taxes on to the players through reduced winnings. But at the same time, there are still online casinos without tax.

What to do when you win big at the casino?

win big at the casino

Once really big to skim off, that is the dream of many players. But if you then win a big chunk – maybe even over a million euros – then you can make a whole series of mistakes.

To make it easier to get rich, we have written a guide to winning big at casinos.

Problems with online casinos

Problems with online casinos

Account verification is unpopular. Uploading copies of documents such as ID and proof of address is a nagging issue. Unfortunately, however, this is all necessary to keep player security high. Because in this way, fraud (also at the expense of the players) should be excluded. Casinos without verification are a utopia.

Slow payouts of winnings

Poor customer service, which does not answer our questions in a goal-oriented manner

Outrageously high turnover requirements on the bonus or other unfair bonus conditions

Lack of measures to promote responsible gambling.

Of course, an online casino also needs a state license and a good reputation, because there are also gambling providers that rip us players off unscrupulously (see Blacklist). We have written down how to recognize trustworthy providers in the topic of reputable online casinos.