Rules for table games and slots

In this chapter we would like to explain a few basic things. As all-rounders we are familiar with the rules and peculiarities of various casino games.

Slot machines

You can learn everything about slot machines from us. Of course, this also includes the topic of slot machine odds. We have already worked this out in detail. You can understand different things under the chance of winning, as we explain in the article.

Jackpot Slots

Jackpot slots are very special slots. They have a main prize that keeps growing until it is cracked. In some cases, really high winnings can occur there.



Keno is a rather niche game in online casinos. It goes without saying that we, as gambling fans, can still do something with this Lotto-like form of gambling.


Baccarat is an old French card game that has already been played in major motion pictures. We explain how to play Baccarat online.


Craps is played with dice and is relatively complex. In Europe the game has hardly any tradition, but in the USA it is legendary. Finally, you can play it in Europe – on the Internet.

Scratch cards

Scratch cards are known from lottery booths. But there are also online scratch cards. How does scratching on the Internet work and what do you have to watch out for? We explain everything.


If you’re into gambling, you can’t miss the poker table. Whereby online poker is of course primarily about skill and strategy.

Video Poker

Video poker is slot machine poker that you play against the casino. One’s own strategy is also crucial here. There is a whole range of different video poker versions,



The game with the disc is considered the supreme discipline in the casino. You can find out everything about online roulette on our site. We analyze the roulette game with real dealers and as a variant with a programmed random number generator.


Blackjack is the international version of the well-known 17 and 4. How does Blackjack work online and what do you have to pay attention to? We will explain it to you.