Sports betting for beginners: how to bet correctly

More and more people watch sporting events not only because they are curious about the winner or the winner, but also because they have found fun in betting. Whether volleyball, field hockey, soccer or tennis, the offers of bookmakers are so diverse that almost everyone can find his suitable betting offer. But how does the entry into the betting life succeed at all and what really matters?

Placing bets is easier than you think

Actually, it is not as difficult as it looks at first glance. Sure, terms like odds, system bet, single bet or combination bet can be very confusing. It can help to get some information, for example how to place bets via

However, before you can get started, you need a reputable betting shop, of course. Since the State Treaty on Gambling came into force, it is officially allowed to visit virtual bookmakers in Germany as well. You can recognize a reputable bookmaker pretty quickly by five factors:

  • a license from Germany or the EU
  • a support team in the local language
  • a wide range of bets
  • good betting odds, also in the niche area
  • reasonable bonuses when registering

Registration is the most important step to the first bet


If you take a closer look at the statistics of betting turnover, you will see that the popularity is constantly increasing. More and more people are wagering real money to bet on the outcome they think will happen in sports. To participate in such sports betting yourself, you must first register with the bookmaker. In Germany, a serious registration is necessary, which also requires a legitimation of their own data. No winnings can be distributed if you have not legitimized yourself with your identity card.

Even before registering, it is advisable to consider which bookmaker has a nice bonus offer in the bag. There are significant differences here, some bookies knock out large sums, others are rather petty. You also have to make sure that the bonus conditions are met. For example, if a first deposit of 20 euros is required, this should also be carried out.

The first deposit is required

There is a no deposit bonus at almost no reputable bookmaker, so a deposit is required before the first bet can be made. Whether by app or PC, all payment options are listed in the checkout area. Among the most popular options is Paypal, but the provider no longer cooperates with all bookmakers. However, there are good alternatives, especially eWallets, which are available everywhere on the Internet, are very popular.

Except for payment in advance, the deposited money is immediately available on the player account and can be used. In addition, the bonus is usually already credited to the account. First of all, it is still available in the form of bonus money, because usually there are conditions that must first be met. This can be, for example, the turnover of the bonus over several times. Information about the conditions can be found in the terms and conditions of the respective bookies.

Place the first bet

Place the first bet

If the first deposit was successful, it goes to the first sports bet. Basically, there are three types of bets, the single bet, the combination bet and the system bet. The latter is reserved for professionals and should not be focused on at the beginning. For trying out, single bets are the most suitable, because here there are not many betting options and special features.

It is important to take a closer look at the odds. If a team or a player has high odds, he is not considered a favorite. As an example: Team A and Team B compete against each other. Team A has odds of 1.8, team B has odds of 6.9. In this case, team A is clearly considered the favorite, because the odds are only low. A high odds means that the other team is seen as a potential loser.

At first, of course, the time is high to bet on teams with high odds. If the underdogs surprisingly win, it results in a nice profit. However, the probability that such underdog bets will go well and that in the end a hefty profit will tumble into the account is low. Here you need a lot of expertise, which is usually not yet available, especially among laymen.

The best practice offers single bets, because here only on victory or defeat is bet. Sometimes there is also the so-called over-under bet, but even here the choices are limited and you can first find out how the whole system works. Later, then also combination bets become increasingly interesting.