The best tips for successful sports betting

Soccer is known to be the most beautiful pastime in the world. No sport is more popular and captivates so many people around the globe. The most beautiful and exciting side thing about sports is sports betting. These are now concluded on the Internet, from where does not matter. You can be at home on the couch, on the bus or sitting in a bar with friends. The betting providers are accessible via the computer as well as apps on mobile devices and are the ideal platform to test one’s knowledge of sports, to prove oneself against others and to earn a little on the side. The sport that offers the most variety, with almost 40,000 different betting options, is soccer. In order not to lose the overview and to be able to place successful bets from the very beginning, the following article explains the best and most important tips for successful sports betting on soccer.

Slowly but surely gain the first experience

If you start looking for a suitable betting provider on the Internet, you will come across a wide range of bookmakers. All advertise with different bonuses, offers, advantages and disadvantages. In one thing, however, they are all the same. Every betting provider gives a welcome bonus for new customers. As a rule, there is one hundred percent on the deposited amount, up to one hundred euros. This means, if you deposit 20 euros, you will see 40 euros on the user account, if you deposit 100 euros, 200 euros will be available on the betting account. However, the money should not be simply squandered, but used wisely. With the bonus, as many bets as possible should be placed. Of course, not just any bets. In the best case, you should consider the bonus as your own money, use it wisely, take no risks and gain as much experience as possible. Either you have a success with a bet or you lose the bet. In both cases you learn. Therefore, the first and most important tip is to play with small amounts, focus on a few betting options and use the bonus wisely for the learning process. The risk is distributed over several bets, but they are not selected on a whim, but specifically.

Once you have taken the first steps in the betting business and are familiar with the platform of the betting provider, it is time to expand your activities further. In plain language, this means that you want to participate more actively in betting and thus earn more profit. This works by betting on more bets than at the beginning. Of course, not just any bets, but still risk-free bets. The first bets are usually single bets where you select a betting option, enter an amount and hope that the bet will be positive. If this is not the case, the money bet is lost. That is why experienced gamblers make several bets, sometimes even on one game, in order to minimize the risk of losing the money bet. This is where the combination and system bets come into play. In this case, several betting options are placed at once. If one or two betting options would not go well, one still makes profit as several other bets bring in profits. However, there are two things to mention about this. Combined and system bets should be approached only after some time, when you have gained enough experience, and of course you should only choose betting options where the risk is minimal and the probability of success is very high. Thus, it is quite possible to bet on a very risky bet with high odds and several other betting options with low risk. If the high-risk bet is lost, the other bets will compensate for it, if all bets are positive, more profit will be made.

Playing it safe – putting long-term bets and live bets on hold

Playing it safe

When the first successful sports bets are made and after some time you are also familiar with the combination and system bets, the long-term bets and live bets become more and more appealing. However, one should approach these types of betting only if has enough experience in sports and betting. Live bets are placed during a sports event. They are so complex and risky because the bets are made in real time and you have no time to prepare. For example, a long-term bet is the winner of the DFB Cup, even before the first round. The odds are very interesting, but the bets are just very risky. The German Cup already provided countless moments of surprise, where the outsides won against teams from the first Bundesliga. You should only try your hand at long-term betting and live betting if you have gained sufficient betting experience.

Information is the be-all and end-all

With the two previous points, it can already be seen what is the decisive factor for success in sports betting. In order to make a successful bet, information is needed. A concrete example of this from the DFB Cup. The first league team Werder Bremen has already lost many times in the cup against a third league team. If the draw shows that Bremen will play against a team that is known for upsetting the big favorites, the likelihood increases that the team will also be eliminated. This increases the likelihood that it will also happen this time that an outsider throws a first division team out of the cup. Nevertheless, the odds for this betting option are very attractive. To get the information from this example, you don’t have to be an expert or do long research. But the example shows that for successful betting, it is a must to use the available tables, statistics and general sports news. In order for the first-mentioned tip, not to take any risk, to be adhered to, information is needed in order to be able to assess how risky a betting option is in the first place.

The betting provider helps with the information search

betting provider

So that the search for information does not end in vain in the endless expanses of the Internet, the professional bookmakers offer extensive information on their platforms. News about sports is provided on Of course, not only for soccer, but for all sports for which betting is also offered. The question may arise why you should read the sports news there and not in the daily newspaper. The reason is that on the site also estimates for sports betting are given as well as further tips and tricks for successful betting are mentioned and explained. Furthermore, there is a list of the best betting providers, if you do not yet have an account for sports betting.